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Our Board

The HMCG Board of Directors is composed of a maximum of five stock-holders or their chosen representatives, and is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the group and its subsiduaries. In addition to the broad range of matters that the Board as a whole manages, each Director is assigned a specific area of responsibility to which they provide expert opinion and advice.  The  identification and dispersion of expertise throughout the Board ensures that HMCG's leadership is composed of respected, highly knowledgeable, and experienced business experts in a range of fields.

Lord Thomas CherokeeLord Thomas Cherokee
Founder, Chairman of the Board
Lord Cherokee is a highly influential and respected figure throughout the galaxy with the pinnacle of his career as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire through the aftermath of the Vodo regime, where he achieved an unprecedented expansion and reestablishment of the Empire as the galactic government. Throughout his lengthy career, he has held a number of high-level government roles and is widely seen as an expert in galactic economics, corporate and government management, and galactic diplomacy. As a founding member of HMCG he seeks to focus his considerable expertise on mentoring leaders in strategic planning and productive people management.

Lord Seele Lord Seele
Founder, Director – Performance & Planning
Lord Seele is an influential businessman and former Emperor of the Galactic Empire who has been a driving force behind the successes of several Imperial regimes by leveraging his talents in finance, organisational governance, and strategic planning.  He is best known for his accomplishments as a strategist in the political and intelligence arenas. With extensive experience managing and directing financial growth and development projects throughout the galaxy, he is an accomplished businessman in his own right, having owned and operated the Galactic Bank of Credit and Commerce and Corellian Engineering Corporation.  As a founding member of HMCG he utilises his extensive knowledge and experience to develop and mature organisations to make them more effective and profitable.

HIs Excellency Togan JanoHis Excellency Togan Jano
Director – Governance & Assurance
Togan is a preeminent and universally trusted businessman who has been the longest serving Governor-General of Centrepoint Trading Station. As a renowned middle, he was the driving force behind the establishment of the Centrepoint Market which became the most widely used trading platform in the galaxy. During his lengthy career, he has negotiated a plethora of trade agreements throughout the galaxy and is considered by many to be an expert in business development, economics, and diplomacy. As a Director of HMCG he seeks to draw upon his experience and skillset to ensure organisations establish and maintain the trust of their customers through effective governance and oversight.

Lord Mikel von BianchiLord Mikel von Bianchi
Director – Banking & Finance
Lord von Bianchi is a well-known businessman, trader, and financier who has had a lengthy and varied career in galactic commerce and politics. Once President of Universal Network Bank, he is well versed in banking operations and policy. He served as Imperial Governor of the Corporate sector for several years, overseeing massive economic expansion into the Outer Rim, and today manages Galactic Bank; the galaxy’s only true banking platform. As a Director of HMCG he seeks to draw upon his skills and experience to grow the roles of financial institutions in galactic markets.
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